Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sazae don

Sazae, which translated as turban shell, fried with egg, mushrooms and leaves of the honewort plant, served on a bed of rice with miso soup and pickles. A great lunch.

Mount Fuji Curry

Japanese style curry served to look like Mount Fuji. Served with salad and deep fried delights. And a tomato. A visual and culinary pleasure.

Beef muscle stew

A stew containing vegetables and beef muscle. Delightful.

Sautéed king trumpet mushroom

The "Pleurotus eryngii" mushroom sautéed in soy sauce and butter, served with leek. Soft and juicy. A pleasure to eat.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

Fried soba noodles with cabbage encased in a kind of egg pancake with otafuku sauce, mayonnaise, fish flakes and ginger. A lot to eat. Very filling. Normal okonomiyaki doesn't have noodles in it. I should eat this more.

Octopus and mayonnaise crisps

Octopus and mayonnaise crisps. Interesting. Not that bad at all.

Scorpion fish miso soup

Miso soup served with a whole scorpion fish in it. A bit tricky to eat the fish in a sophisticated way but it tasted wonderful.

Koaji sushi

Baby horse mackerel sushi served with leeks, ginger and shiso leaves. Wonderfully fresh and served by a lovely old couple.


This is an edible seaweed that is dried then boiled to produce a kind of jelly-like noodle. On the left is how it is served, on the right with vinegar, soy sauce and brown sugar. Freshens up your mouth. Lovely, but I wouldn't add soy sauce next time. I think we weren't supposed to do that.

Ika sama don

Fresh squid soaked in iced water overnight (the white one) and fresh squid soaked in a kind of soy sauce overnight (the brown one) served on sushi rice with oba leaves, yellow pickled radish (takuan) and sesame seeds. On the top are more oba leaves and a fresh egg. Served with cucumber pickles and a seaweed miso soup. Tasted really fresh.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Corn potage ice lolly

Corn potage ice lolly. With real bits of corn in it. Tasted, well, like corn soup. Odd but interesting.