Friday, March 30, 2012

Soaked green peppers

A tricky dish to translate but these long green peppers have basically been soaked in a soy sauce based sauce for 8 months. They were quite hot.

Raw squid

A simple plate of raw squid. Lovely lovely lovely!

Deep fried flounder

The flounder were cut in such a way that they bend upwards when they are deep fried. This was a great dish to have on a Friday night.

Slightly cured mackerel

Raw mackerel that had been slightly cured in salt and vinegar.

Horse mane

Raw horse from around the mane. The fat was too chewy to swallow. But the meat itself was fantastic.

Shark cartilage

Raw shark cartilage in a plum sauce with cucumber and sesame seeds. The plum sauce was so strong that it was difficult to taste the cartilage. But definitely an interesting dish.

Roast potatoes on a stick

Roast potatoes on a stick. As fantastic as you think they would be.

Garlic cloves

The yellowy-brown ones on the left are soaked in soy sauce and the pinky-purple ones on the right are soaked in a plum sauce. They are soaked for at least 10 days but they could have been soaked for months or years.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Salamanders! On a stick! Not much to them but cooked in a nice sauce so they tasted great.