Sunday, January 22, 2012

Conger eel

This melted in my mouth. Excellently cooked and very tasty.

Musashino Tofu

Musashino is an area in western Tokyo. I hadn't had this style of tofu before. It contained goodies like cucumber and black eggs. I think I prefer plain tofu but it wasn't bad.

Deep-fried pork cheek

A lovely dish. The menu was a bit vague as to which part of the pig the meat came from and so we had to ask. It came with chopped up leeks and lettuce leaves.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Deep fried baby shrimp

Not such an unusual dish but lovely nonetheless.

Beef curry and crisps

A lovely beef curry served with homemade crisps. I took this picture after eating half the crisps and half the curry. They went so well together.

Clam and Chinese cabbage soup

A bowl of clams and Chinese cabbage, served in a salty soup. Not a bad dish to warm one up on a cold January night.