Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sazae don

Sazae, which translated as turban shell, fried with egg, mushrooms and leaves of the honewort plant, served on a bed of rice with miso soup and pickles. A great lunch.

Mount Fuji Curry

Japanese style curry served to look like Mount Fuji. Served with salad and deep fried delights. And a tomato. A visual and culinary pleasure.

Beef muscle stew

A stew containing vegetables and beef muscle. Delightful.

Sautéed king trumpet mushroom

The "Pleurotus eryngii" mushroom sautéed in soy sauce and butter, served with leek. Soft and juicy. A pleasure to eat.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

Fried soba noodles with cabbage encased in a kind of egg pancake with otafuku sauce, mayonnaise, fish flakes and ginger. A lot to eat. Very filling. Normal okonomiyaki doesn't have noodles in it. I should eat this more.

Octopus and mayonnaise crisps

Octopus and mayonnaise crisps. Interesting. Not that bad at all.

Scorpion fish miso soup

Miso soup served with a whole scorpion fish in it. A bit tricky to eat the fish in a sophisticated way but it tasted wonderful.